Support from Inception to Inspection

Enrollment in the program begins with a meeting between a WIES Team representative and the financial decision-makers of the winery or brewery. The process is as follows:

  1. The customer signs an Access Agreement, allowing the WIES Program access to billing history and the winery or brewery site in order to provide program services.
  2. WIES Team engineers conduct a preliminary analysis based on a phone screening and evaluate the types of projects to pursue and the level of program services to implement. Further engineering analysis may range from a walk-through energy audit to more intensive data collection and analysis, depending on individual sites and the complexity of the energy efficiency opportunities under consideration.
  3. The WIES Team provides the winery or brewery with a summary of high-potential energy-saving recommendations for consideration.
  4. The winery or brewery signs a Project Application (CA) to state which projects they are interested in implementing. The WIES Program can assist with identifying relevant contractors or evaluating proposals and will coordinate with the customer’s preferred vendor to maximize efficiency potential.
  5. Upon project completion, the winery or brewery submits all invoices and project documentation to the WIES Program for processing. The WIES Program may need to conduct an on-site inspection of the project, which may include installation of data loggers, in order to verify that the final installation meets rebate requirements.
  6. The WIES Program submits final program documentation to PG&E and provides the customer rebate.